Bored at Work

The road is full of flowers.
Nature awarded you with these prize
Walking to see butterflies…
Free my mind from a tight cubicle
Of dim light & room full of papers,
Computer-generated pollutant,
Block my mind, blur my sight, freeze my hand.
Let’s make plan, see flowers, worth the time.



Once I asked my sis what is best
When my hair is straight or updo
My sis say it is all up to you
Woman do have several styles.

Nothing is the best of all things
We can bring our looks to all types
Today, tomorrow, all those kinds
just what you feel like, do them all.

#philosophyofhairdo #non-perfectionism

Winner’s tears

Sighing right by the bridge
My mission was completed
All tasks were well succeeded
People greet me with honours.
But life before now was cruel
I am a fool of my own mirror
Deep down I feel sour
Those hours of emptied life.
Dukka and anatta
Chiva, when I have cried
Till tears dried inside my eyes
But tried to smile to the crowd
Living my life to excess
Stressed my soul in and out
Till the day I was about
Have to leave this body alive
Haunting me until now
When I am about to fight
The tears in the back of my eyes
Remind me of the failure
That fame is empty without me
Those tasks will be taken
Those money will be spend
Those hidden treasure will disappear
When I was no longer me
My parent who I see in tears
My body looked peculiar
My fear reached its new high.
The pain cannot be cured
My pure soul was burnt alive
Though reborn after it died
I can’t uncried those tears.
It’s absorbed into my blood
And flush up when I gear
Towards a new height that I fear
My tear of being buried alive.
-Wi Tanramluk