Niras MGGE trip

20160918_121555Composed by Ajarn Wi Tanramluk.

Saturday we woke up at dawn,

Meeting at the front lawn to register,

On MGGE airline trip remember?

Together we go to Muang Karn.

We get breakfast on the coach,

We have roast pork then go to Pueng Wan,

Introduce ourselves was so much fun.

We have run out of words to explain

Ourselves in two words about how

Unlike cow we control population.

Then we have our yummy lunch

And have fun with  Sai Yor draw the rope

Seven people pick the bottle,

We’re able to do it with much hope,

We did some chopsticktoscope

To shovel buttons in a jar.

There’s so much we have seen

Like a teen with guitar and bongo

We stopped by and take group photos

With our friends, we let go our armour

We bend down and breaking the ice,

Being nice to these strangers.

We may not know him or her

But they offered us helping hands

All the activities we have played

To stay stronger together.

With unbreakable bond we offered

A letter containing core values.

We are proud to be MGGE crew

To take you to a big adventure.

A few years from now remember

Advisers and friends tend to remain

With you during your ups and downs.

When lab gown stained with experience.

Please you guys only be patience.

You are recipients of our love and care.


How to Read Wi’s Poem

I have been practicing how to master Thai’s 8-word poems to translate lots of my กลอนสุภาพ collection to English. With this type of poem, you basically pronounce them by fitting the sentence in 3/2/3 or 3/3/3 words and pausing in between as shown below.

Obstacle.... is there! ....."bearable"
 From a girl..... can become..... a lady
 Works my way..... to fullest..... dignity
 With happy.... young soul.... from within.
 -Wi Tanramluk

The advantage of having this type of fixed rhyme is that it is easier to memorise lengthy stories as there was a connection of vowels between each sentence. Since the thai sentences has no full-stop and no tenses, you will find sometimes my sentences are very long but the use of words towards the gist of story are connected both in sound and in meaning.



Joy of Computer Gadgets


A Bluetooth speaker, my merry,

When I was cranky then feel right

With classical music calm my mind,

With shiny speaker worth the pence.

I also have a breathing mousey,

with seven LED on my bench,

Light on my keyboard worth every cents,

I enjoy everything, jingle bells.

-Wi Tanramluk


Cambridge Summer

A day in summer…

walked over Bridge of Sigh.
People punt nearby
and the sky was so blue.
Flowers were flourished.
Holy cheese, I missed you.
Where goes, haven’t a clue
Life is true, you weren’t there.
Walking like a foolish
Only wish you were there.
Look for you everywhere,
really care where you are.
Walking to Trinity,
Only see a red car.
Looking for you from Mars,
Where you are, where are you.
Here you are, my destiny,
in Sainsbury from afar
By the fridge, you weren’t far,
Oh cheddar, my very dear.

Love in Hitech Era

Listen to SweetNuj MV on YouTube


Translation: Wi Tanramluk

In this Hi-Tech world, everything gets smaller,
but my love is as grand as ever.
Wish I have a bigger hard disk to install programs
And increase the RAM,
So it looks fab with your photo on the desktop.

In digital world we argue and compromise,
I make E-card and E-mail to apologise.
The CPU knows I love you so;
Don’t take it carelessly and throw
Our love down to the recycle bin.

On SMS, I text you to define
the most heart-melting lines of mine;
I let WinAmp run with the song ‘Miss you’.
My intention is to
impress you how passionate about you I am.

Downloaded songs for you, they are my favorites.
Darling, please reply that you’ve got it.
Don’t rush shutting down and go
as I will let my mind flow
to you along the cable line.

Please, can you save our love, keep it forever,
so that my heart isn’t just an error.


Spending five hours

waiting for my codes to compile.
Life seems a bit sour,
SuSE doesn’t let me type Thai.
Can you see my sorrow?
Oh…o my Monday has gone.
If the problem last till tomorrow,
I will have an ice-cream cone.
-Wi Tanramluk

Molecular Cloning

Spending six hours
My plasmid was purified
Life seems a bit sour
With this dead enzyme
Tell me HindiIII
What have I done wrong
My gel is pretty
But that piece is still long

Friday is coming
Wi really wanna go play
Today I am learning
Why my band is not okay

I eluted the plasmid
But I forgot to let dry
It’s wet with buffer
Oh no I wanna cry

But what’s so stupid
I’m too shy to tell
EcoRI in my plasmid
I pipetted and failed

Can you see my sorrow
Oh o my thursday has gone
I will return tomorrow
Not forget how should I’ve done

-Wi Tanramluk

At last send sequencing,
Everything is okay.
Now, I can go play.
Today is successful.

All bands are pretty,
Alcohol-free, beautiful.
พี่พี่คะ, see you soon.
ขอบคุณค่ะ for cheering me.

Vegetable Garden at Mahidol



-วิ ธารรำลึก

Manuscript with Bug

The flowers from bugs and failure.


My Dad said I should sell origami.

When I fold a lily it looks nice.

He knew not what I made with style,

gotta cry from failed bug printed on.

Tens of years at school endurance

Got a chance for procrastination,

A straw and a vase that’s the ones,

Missed only a fashion in my dream.

The most fabulous things is paper

I favored my lily in the creamy

I was snowed under …. a pity

Look closely on this buggy sheets.

It is a bug’s life … I wonder!

I cried in a corner with cold feet.

Rejection forever, yes… indeed,

The printer proceed me with these things.

Reminds me of tough life I’ve struggled

Despair then be able to mastering

Impact Factor nine, my precious thing,

actually growing from earthy soil.

Like lily made from bug papers

Thereafter worth of adoring,

must endure hardship then rising

to astonishing thing in wide world.

-Wi Tanramluk

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เหมือน#lilyที่สร้างจาก#paper เน่า

-ดวงฤดี ธารรำลึก

Mama Bird






Mama bird sat here for a month

She shun my photo-click, sickening…
In the morning she used to clap her wings.
I am waiting to see her hatching ones.
Oh! will her son see the sunshine
On a wide blue sky horizon.
I am waiting please come back don’t be gone,
In the dawn she came back, sack my phone.

-Wi Tanramluk