Protein Visualization

This course is designed for undergraduate student as a beginner’s guide to biomolecular visualization. Background in chemistry and biology is required.

Class materials





1.(a) How many hemoglobin structures that cause sickle cell anemia (hemoglobin S) are deposited in the PDB?   (b)What is the part of the protein (buried/surface) that this amino acid mutation occurs? (c) Discuss why normal hemoglobin (Glu 7, Asp73) is less likely to form fibers than Hemoglobin C-Harlem (D73N, Chain B + E7V, Chain H).

2. Attach a photograph of your physical model of 256b.pdb with your name and ID on the lower right corner.

3. Make animation by adding at least 3 consecutive pictures of the protein looked up from Proteopedia  using Discovery Studio and Photoscape. Write the PDB code and the name of the protein with your name and ID.



Created in class by Miss Panmai Jirawatanapong (Suansunantha Univ)