Season of all Continents

Origins from many become one,

Bua pan or water lily

from Asia on my balcony

See Europe’s Sage “Azury snow”.

Mammillaria schiedeana,

Mexican, give flowers like meadow

Thai season has got lots to show

The World knows our summer suits for all.

-Wi Tanramluk


Life of Cactus

Medium: Gelly roll stardust on Black paper

I want to be like a little cactus,
Growing strong on sand and dust.
Adapting to desert afar
Or living in a tiny jar.
Facing the sun when it is hot
Protect itself with thorn it’s got.
Then comes the time it has flowers
So rare that makes people wonder.
Learning to thrive on limitation
Even when life was like fiction.

-Wi Tanramluk

Cactus at MB


This corner is devoted for cacti.
I say ‘hi’ to them ev’ry evening.
Can you see pink flowers’re blooming,
Tiring day ends, send you smile.

It used to be a lonely corner…
Gets better when Khun Pond on duty.
Institute looks nice and lively.
With everyone cares on their chore.

-Wi Tanramluk