Cloudy sky by the coach station,

everyone waited for their vehicle.

It’s been late, we’re frozen in icicle.

Such a terrible weather of the year.

A lady cried and shouted loud.

Taxi round must be in her favour,

She travelled for her deceased father.

Whatsoever she must go to funeral.

Then there’s more info man speaking–

“Everything must be in order”.

Some say “This is the worst time ever.

We’ll have to sleep over till Christmas.”

More and more train had been cancelled.

A battle go round like fire.

In the snow, people rush to hire

A taxi to cross over long distance.

A “want” turns to be a “must”

In a frustrated group of people.

Snow leaves icy cold fellows.

A hassle was shaking the poor souls.

-Wi Tanramluk (12-12-2022)