Kinaree Server


Our MANORAA project

serves as a ligand design hub to link chemical fragment to interacting proteins in the PDB, KEGG pathways, and SAMUL’s SNPs, was published in NAR webserver issue 2016.



The Thailand Research Fund

supports my research on Structure Based Design of P. falciparum DHFR inhibitors

My first MAHORI web service to help visualizing protein-ligand interaction

based on fragment of small molecules. Once you draw or name the structure of the compound, you can know which biological pathways it involves in certain organisms too.

My thesis won a national prize

from the National Research Council of Thailand’s Award. This poster summarized it in Thai.

I created a cover artwork for Chem Biol & Drug Design.

The major part of this work lead to my PhD thesis at University of Cambridge.

My circular dendrogram

displaying the relationship of 119 kinases and binding affinities to various drugs. Promiscuity understanding helps a lot in the area of kinase inhibitor design.

I won the First prize poster from the Sanger-Cambridge

PhD Symposium (SCAMPS), Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK, 2008

My underlying background is Physical Chemistry.

I employed the Density Functional Theory calculation to study flexibility among inhibitors, e.g. Cycloguanil derivatives.

This is a part from my first project while I studied my bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

Created for STT27, Thailand,  the techniques include homology modeling and tryptic digestion for the prediction of amino acid residue mutations that may help with improving the protein solubility.

I make this  Computer  Aided Instruction to help freshman learn basic quantum chemistry

under supervision of Dr. Chaiwoot Boonyasiriwat and Professor Dr. Supa Hannongbua back in 1999. We used to get >100,000 clicks before it was no longer available at “”



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