Spending six hours
My plasmid was purified
Life seems a bit sour
With this dead enzyme
Tell me HindiIII
What have I done wrong
My gel is pretty
But that piece is still long

Friday is coming
Wi really wanna go play
Today I am learning
Why my band is not okay

I eluted the plasmid
But I forgot to let dry
It’s wet with buffer
Oh no I wanna cry

But what’s so stupid
I’m too shy to tell
EcoRI in my plasmid
I pipetted and failed

Can you see my sorrow
Oh o my thursday has gone
I will return tomorrow
Not forget how should I’ve done

-Wi Tanramluk

At last send sequencing,
Everything is okay.
Now, I can go play.
Today is successful.

All bands are pretty,
Alcohol-free, beautiful.
พี่พี่คะ, see you soon.
ขอบคุณค่ะ for cheering me.


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