Medium: Gelly roll stardust on Black paper

I want to be like a little cactus,
Growing strong on sand and dust.
Adapting to desert afar
Or living in a tiny jar.
Facing the sun when it is hot
Protect itself with thorn it’s got.
Then comes the time it has flowers
So rare that makes people wonder.
Learning to thrive on limitation
Even when life was like fiction.

-Wi Tanramluk


2 thoughts on “Life of Cactus

  1. hello,
    I like this final sentence a lot
    “Learning to thrive on limitation
    Even when life was like fiction.”
    and wish to put it on the back cover of our graphic anthology “Monsoon Vol.2”, which will have 10 non-fiction stories about south-east asia, included 3 about Thailand.
    could you like to give me the permission for that, if yes, could you also help me to translate it in Thai? i’ll send you a book for this help if it’s okay for you, thank you very much!
    Pei-Shan HUANG
    Slowork Publishing (Taiwan)

    1. Hello Pei-Shan, Would it be possible to have my full name “Duangrudee Tanramluk” under the quote, please. I will send you the thai translation after your response.

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